About Us

When we began canvassing the states to share our passion about the importance of maximizing PPO Insurance Revenue in 2008, we may not have understood the impact that the message would have on the everyday lives of the dentists whom we served. Since then, it’s been an honor to shake the hands of hundreds of dentists just like you, and we can honestly say that there is nothing we enjoy more than hearing about a PPO success story!

Anyone that has attended one of our lectures, knows we liken the “small” PPO negotiation triumphs to the inches in a football game. Having given up our bodies to the punishment of the sport of PPO negotiations, we know just how important those inches are! We invite you to get off the sideline and onto the field by learning from our team. You’ll quickly discover, with absolutely no obligation, what you may be overlooking in your practice. The victories seem small, but the impact that our efforts can have on your revenue over the years are astounding. Those little things are game changers. Inches do, in fact make all the difference.

Thank you for our interest in Everest Advocates. It means a lot to us personally to see this message spreading as it has. You’ve come to the right place.

There’s not much glamour in taking on the tedious task of multiplying your seemingly insignificant insurance wins into large victories; however, this is what we thrive on at Everest Advocates. This is why we are the industry’s proven pioneers. After all, we know that giant leaps consist of many small strides. We want you take this step with us, so that we can show you that the same is true about insurance profit in your practice. We guarantee our services because we know that you will be satisfied. Thank you for considering Everest Advocates; it’s an honor to make a tangible difference in the lives and practices of dentists and friends alike.

All of us here at Everest Advocates look forward to your call.

Philosophy and Mission

Negotiating Dental Insurance Fees Throughout The United States

Hand ShakeOur Mission at Everest Advocates is to provide dentists with PPO reimbursements that better serve their practices; this allows them to realize the profit they deserve, while increasing their desire to work with PPO insurance companies for the benefit of the patient.

We accomplish this in three ways:

  1. Relationship Capital: Everyone knows it is who you know, not what you know; we have spent years to establish relationships with key decision makers who help us help you.
  2. The Team: Everest Advocates consists of qualified and committed experts who work in relentless pursuit of maximizing your insurance profitability.
  3. Formula for Success: Most importantly, our formula for success has been developed over years of trial and error and has proven to be extremely efficient and effective.


Here at Everest, we go to new heights for your bottom line!


What’s more, every 2 years we re-engage and duplicate our exhaustive efforts to ensure continued success in your practice-and we even stand ready to assist you in enforcing the new fee schedule contracts for 1 year after our negotiation services are completed.

We do it all on your behalf from researching, strategizing, communicating and pursuing to analyzing, implementing and restructuring! Our team’s proven strategies will yield results that are difficult and time consuming to duplicate.

That’s how we do it; but it only works if you call us. Remember, you have nothing to lose but write-offs!