News: We are happy to announce that Everest Advocates is now e-DentalMarket. With this updated brand comes an infusion of industry leading services and technology that are now available to our clients. We are thrilled to be even better equipped to continue as the industry’s proven pioneers in maximizing your PPO insurance Revenue. We look forward to serving you as e-DentalMarket!

What Our Clients Are Saying

I endured 26 years of endless frustration trying to renegotiate a higher fee schedule with the long list of insurance carriers. It was a total waste of my time until I began working with Everest Advocates. In less than four months, I am now set for the next two years, earning a decent payment for my hard work. Thank you Everest Advocates!!! Susan Klyber, D.D.S., Berwyn, IL

Improve your Clinics Dental Reimbursement Rates

Let the Experts Negotiate for You

Negotiating with different insurance providers means more than just calling them and asking for a better rate; you need to provide a good reason for deserving a higher rate. As insurance companies are also businesses trying to make profit, most will try to keep their reimbursement rates low. Everest Advocates is equipped with the necessary tools, information and experience for this job. We can help negotiate with insurance providers to give you a better dental PPO reimbursement rate.

We Are Everest Advocates. We Go To New Heights For Your Bottom Line

It's no secret that most Dental Professionals and their staff don't have an extra 40 hours in their back pocket to chase down insurance representatives in an effort to analyze and negotiate their reimbursements and maximize their PPO structure.

Even if you found the time, how much money might you turn away in the meantime by sticking with your mediocre fee schedules? When you found the time, would you know who to contact? What to say? What to ask for? How to follow up? What to do when things go south? You just might, but the good news is, you DON'T have to. Our capable and experienced team will do it all on your behalf and in a way that will cost you less than if you had done it on your own, putting thousands of dollars back in your pocket, while you keep on doing what you love.

Everest Advocates will show you how to make this happen, while staying within your budget and guaranteeing results. If you're not a good candidate for our service, you'll be the first to know and it won't cost you a penny to find out. We're the best at what we do and we take it seriously.

All of us here at Everest Advocates look forward to your call.

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